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The Fashion Tower in NYC

PennDesign ARCH 703

Asset Urbanism


High Rise Building


Fall 2015


Ali Rahim | Ferda Kolatan


Beidi Zhan & Jinghao Wang

In times of immense growth in capital due to economies in the world there is more capital than ever in the world today. While monetary capital has always placed a significant role in determining the built environment, recent shifts in the character of global finance have resulted in a new relationship between investment practices and buildings. The growth of capital leads to affects in architecture and urbanism. New York City for example has 12 percent of its housing market vacant. How can architecture take on this issue and be more in alignment of or critique architecture formed global capital markets?


The importance of the US market for luxury brands is epitomized by the magnitude of New York City alone, which is a bigger market for personal luxury goods than the second-largest country, Japan.


Nowadays, people are not satisfied with the basic needs of life, but more eager and able to buy luxury goods. The personal luxury goods market has reached a peak, and New York City is not only representing fashion, luxury and wealth, but also has become the city with biggest market of personal luxury goods in the world. Also New York City, as the largest city in the world, is one of the world fashion centers.


So using these advantages, we are trying to make a combination of luxury brand, fashion, and skyscraper, hoping not only can greatly enhance the popularity of the skyscraper but also add the great value to it.

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