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Shenzhen Bay Culture Park


MAD Architects


​Exhibition, Landscape Park 



Working Phase


Role in Project

Project Manager / Architect

The “Shenzhen Bay Culture Park” is located within the Houhai area of Shenzhen’s Nanshan district. The ambitious cultural complex covers an approximate area of  51,000 square meters, with a total building area of ​​182,000 square meters, and includes the Creative Design Hall, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum, with an expansive public green space along the waterfront in Shenzhen, China. The park is an extension of the city’s main road towards the water. Pedestrian walkways and cycling paths weave between the buildings and across the sprawling lawn, providing citizens with an expansive recreational space along the waterfront.The “Shenzhen Bay Culture Park” is one of ten new cultural facilities spearheaded by the Shenzhen city development, and represents Shenzhen’s ambitions of becoming a “city of culture with global influence.”

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The north and south pavilions each sit on opposite sides of the axis, and stand as smooth monumental stones, quietly settling into the environment. They sit backed by the city’s powerful development, and face the open calm of nature and the ocean in front of them, uniquely marking the passage of time. 


Along the top floor of the south pavilion, visitors can walk through the exhibition space to reach a viewing platform that overlooks Shenzhen Bay and the city skyline. 

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Standardization of the handrail and guardrail  controls all the different circumstances through the project.

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