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Metabolism Residence

PennDesign ARCH 704

Kikutake & Andrea Branzi




Spring 2016


Homa Farjadi


Pechao Di & Lixu Wang

People's life style has been changing during these days. Just like the smartphones we are using now, people would expecting their apartments has much more than just single residential function. Back in 60's, in Andrea Branzi, the Non-Hierachy Theory, gives us the hint about blending all the functions and environment with the residence to create a boundryless complex of residential architecture. The study of Kikutake's Sky House, provides us the idea of dividing a house into elements, and brings the character of self-updating to the architecture. Considering the different requirements from different residents, we provide a system for people to have their own house type as their will. In order to achieve this system, we also studied Kikutake's Ocean City and uses the form of Discis to make the whole concept come true.

JIFU PAN PORTFOLIO2023_Page_37.png
JIFU PAN PORTFOLIO2023_Page_37.png
JIFU PAN PORTFOLIO2023_Page_37.png

The housing units are classified in-to three different sizes: R 2.5m, R 3.5m, and R 4.5m. They are all prefabricated in factory. Different stacking strategies of the units allows many possibilities in house types. The houses can be changed easily by adding or reducing the units, based on the residents' needs.

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