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Competition Work

2nd Prize


Landscape Overpass


Summer 2013


Changming Yang


Yongjian Yuan

When there were no high rises in the city in the old time, people used to live in small alleys where they could easily develop bonds and share feelings with each other. The alleys used to play an important role providing people a space to communicate. With China's modernize development, the alleys have been replaced by the highrises all over the places. The public 'communicating' space is nowdays disappering in the city. The design proposal of this project, is bringing back the space, trying to explore the obligations and responsibilities of the public space and intends to bonds people together in a way.


It is no doubt that the public space maintains emotional bonds between different people. However, with the fast pace of life in a modernized society, pedestrians come and go in a rush, too busy to take a second pause to notice what is happening in the surrroundings. The city seems flourishing with streams of people shuttling back and forth, but the real indifference lies under the cover of super ficial prosperity.


Streams of People on

the Traditional Overpass:

The two-way flow reduces the travel efficiency of the pedestrians as wel as the traffice capacity of the over pass

Expansion of the Deck Width:

Expansion of the deck width can improve both the travel efficiency of the pedestrians and the traffic capcaity of the overpass. However, this is only a limited solution since the problem of two-way flow is not dealt with at all

Adoption of Double Deck:

The double deck design makes it possible to divide the two-way flow of pedestrians and improves the traffic capacity of the overpass accordingly. The next problem is then to guide the pedestrians to use the fixed single deck in accordance with the design intention.


If the two stairways on each side of the overpass are set close to each other and an altitude difference is created, most people would take the lower one. Psychology helps here to guide the pedestrians to the one-way flow on the double-deck overpass.

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