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Bayer Biologics Development Lab Facility


Jacobs Engineering Group


Office, Lab



Working Phase

Concept Design

Role in Project

Architectural Designer

The new Bayer Biologics Development Facility is designed to be the new face and heart of its campus, a collaborative hub that allows for cross-fertilization and a building that meets Bayer's sustainability goals and its commitment to its employee's well-being. it allows for future adaptability and flexibility with the ability to implement rapid reconfigurations and to accommodate new and evolving processing technologies. The three-story 140,000 sqft facility will maximize opportunities for flexibility in its laboratories while accommodating processing therapy modalities such as Therapeutic Proteins.

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The interior workspace's objective is to create an incredibly open and transparent place to work to stimulate innovation and discovery. The open workspace is designed to have centralized collaboration spaces around its atrium and stairs, encouraging opportunities for collaboration and impromptu interactions between three floors, while flexible re-configurable spaces allow for varied places for people to work. The open concept extends further where the transparency between the lab and office is maximized, giving the feeling of a large open space and blurring the physical division between lab and office.

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